Keywords : scenario, wp1, dtocean

The global perimeter of the project defining the different scenarios for array development in order to give generic scope for the application of the design tools as well as to identify relevant deployment parameters.

Picto WP1

Within this workpackage, scenarios are identified using the project developers with immediate potential for system deployment, i.e. those in the DG Energy and NER 300 calls. Scenarios include a ‘simple’ or ‘small array’, and then move up the scale to medium and large arrays. The process for assembling scenarios are carried out with initial coordination with project developers
Different sets of scenarios for wave and tide are considered, using two selected technologies in each case, with the inclusion of parameters such as wave characteristics, including extreme conditions, geophysical, etc. These should reflect the potential range of deployment and environmental conditions at different European sites.

1.    Detailed deployment scenarios for wave and tidal energy converters
2.    Report on characterisation of data for input to other work packages and formation of Database details
3.    Interim Report on Reference sites and statement of data compatibility with other WP output.
4.    Database of physical and environmental and other input parameters for selected reference sites
5.    Input to Final Project Report on validity of reference scenarios in relation to European Road Map target delivery