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Picto WP8

The main goal of Work Package 8 is dissemination - this is a strong driver of DTOcean, since the design tools created for ocean energy arrays are meant to be widely used by the industrial sector. It is therefore of outmost importance that at each stage of the project, a proper and efficient dissemination activity is undertaken. This means that early inputs from all other WP are expected for getting faster feed-back on intermediate results by the community, but also that much attention will be paid to training actions towards the end of the project to ensure the proper exploitation of the tools produced. In order to achieve the main aim it will be necessary to implement the following key objectives:

The WP8 specific objectives are to:

  • Set up and maintain the project web site for transparent information and active publicity.
  • Set up an open-source dissemination framework of the developed tools, in order to insure their widest use by the community, insuring the best return of the public money and of the partners’ involvement, favouring feedbacks and updates of users, in a sustained manner.
  • Set up and maintain a repository for the tools developed in the framework of the project, with restricted access to partners in the development and validation phase, then open but tracked access in the dissemination phase.
  • Contribute to skill transfer by organizing training sessions on the methodology and the developed tools for array design, e.g. by integrating the programme of dedicated workshops on ocean energy.
  • Organize press releases, participation to properly chosen conferences and to professional shows and fair.



  1. Communication plan
  2. Project Website, 1st release
  3. 1st report on dissemination and communication activities (Mid Term Review)
  4. Project tools repository first release
  5. Stakeholder event and training workshop 1
  6. Training workshop 2
  7. Final report on dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities (End of Project Review)
  8. Plan for the Use and the Dissemination of the Foreground

Project website and tools repository final release