Design Tool Development & Operation

The suite of tools that provides quantitative criteria for the design and analysis of ocean energy arrays.

Picto WP7

The main goal of WP7 is the development of a multi-objective suite of tools that will provide quantitative criteria for the design and analysis of ocean energy arrays. This global package will integrate the models and algorithms developed within the individual Work Packages into a common interface.

The WP7 specific objectives are to :

  • Identify key requirements and design criteria for ocean energy arrays
  • optimise generic array design solutions based on a set of case studies related to on-going projects
  • develop and apply guidelines and methodologies for array planning to accelerate decisions and reduce uncertainties
  • Identify and propose for further development key enabling technologies that will help the large-scale deployment of ocean energy arrays in the future
  • Collect information from the other Work Packages to include it into a global database on resource of different locations, device performance, cost and reliability of electrical, mooring and foundation components, operation and maintenance strategies, vessels day rates, cost of components and personnel for installation
  • Generate support material for the use, update and improvement of design tools for ocean energy arrays
  • Coordinate all of the inputs from WPs 2 – 6 into the design tools by means of a Cohesion Committee established within WP7 and led by Tecnalia



  1. Requirements and criteria for the design and planning of ocean energy farms
  2. Specification and architecture of aglobal software tool for ocean energyarrays, with performance models and characteristic curves
  3. Analysis of ocean energy arrays: application to real case studies, validation and optimisation
  4. Guidelines for the development of ocean energy arrays and enabling technologies to facilitate large-scale deployment
  5. Full suite of design tools for ocean energy arrays, including a database of design variables and a user manual