Work Packages

DTOcean work planning has been implemented as four content-orientated Work Packages (WP3-6) guided by two defining work packages (WP1-2) which set the underpinning scope in relation to a range of array sizes and hydrodynamic layouts. The outputs, feedbacks and interactions within these culminate in the major Work Package 7 where the design tools are actually developed.

Together, these define the operational S&T effort and are supported by dedicated Work Packages for dissemination and exploitation (WP8). The structure of these work packages is set out below. There is considerable collaboration and interaction between all work packages with the objective being to deliver an integrated approach to ocean energy array design and development. The relationship between the R&D work packages involves a real collaboration, with information flowing in both directions and active communication required between all parties.

  • Scenarios

    The global perimeter of the project defining the different scenarios for array development in order to give generic scope for the application of the design tools as well as to identify relevant deployment parameters.

  • Array Layout

    Hydrodynamic interaction between the individual devices in the array, how this affects the resource, power performance, cost uncertainties and environmental impact.

  • Electrical System Architecture

    Determination of technically and economically optimal configurations for the offshore electrical network.

  • Moorings & Foundations

    Develop models to inform about mooring networks and foundation requirements.

  • Lifecycle Logistics

    Design optimal logistic solutions during manufacturing, assembly, installation, O&M and decommissioning of ocean energy arrays.

  • System Control & Operation

    Identify, adapt and develop methods to optimise operational aspects of arrays of wave and tidal devices.

  • Design Tool Development & Operation

    The suite of tools that provides quantitative criteria for the design and analysis of ocean energy arrays.

  • Knowledge Management, Dissemination & Exploitation

    Information, status and progress of the project.