TTI has brought its extensive fibre rope and mooring design expertise to the benefit of the ocean energy industry...

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TTI (Tension Technology International Ltd) founded in 1986 provides extensive fibre rope and mooring design expertise for the benefit of the ocean energy industry including the evolving floating offshore wind and hydrokinetic (tidal, river and wave power) technologies. Services offered typically cover the range from conceptual design through to detailed engineering of the mooring system and its components. TTI also provide rope testing services via a suite of test rigs at their laboratories and have expertise in fibre analysis and associated forensics  TTI uses state-of-the-art analysis software including TTI Optimoor, Ansys Aqwa and OrcaFlex to develop, refine and verify mooring system designs to meet client and certification authority requirements. TTI also conducts CAD/FEA analysis of mooring components and have recently completed as study for the UK's Carbon Trust to design a range of scaleable connectors. TTI continue lead joint industry projects for the design, development, demonstration and qualification of synthetic mooring systems support via a number of government funded initiatives,, TTI also offers detailed procurement specifications for purchases by tender, prepares manufacturing drawings, and provides QA/QC support throughout manufacture.