Sabella delays tidal job


French developer Sabella has suspended the last leg of the installation process of its tidal turbine and will bring in a new vessel to replace the MV Palembang.

Sabella chief executive Jean François Daviau said: “We saw that the vessel was having difficulties staying in position with the tide coming in and decided not to proceed with the works.”

He added that even three tugboats together were not powerful enough to maintain position of the Palembang.


The company now intends to hire a vessel equipped with a dynamic positioning system. The new ship will lift the two drymate connectors – one linked with the turbine, the second one connected to the export cable – out of the water and connect them to each other.

The connectors, provided by the UK's MacArtney, are currently lying on the seabed next to the 1MW D10 turbine installed last week.

Sabella is planning on finishing the installation process by the middle or the end of next month.

The offshore site is located at the Fromveur passage one kilometre off the island of Ushant. Waters are up to 60 metres deep. The turbine, which cost €13m to develop, will satisfy a quarter of Ushant's electricity needs.

Source: reNews

Photo: Sabella