Sabella D10 comes on-line.


Ushant supplied with power from tidal currents.

Since Thursday night ( 05/11/2015 ), the island has been receiving a portion of its electricity from the Sabella ocean current tidal turbine designed in Quimper, France. This is a first in France.

The island of Ushant is the first community in France receiving electricity from a machine producing energy from marine currents. Starting at 11pm last Thursday, the first kilowatts of electricity were gradually injected into the island's ErDF electricity network.


To be tested for a year:

"It's our small pride", said Jean-François Daviau, CEO of Sabella, the Quimper company that has developed the tidal turbine.

The D10, with blades of 10 m, will be tested for a year. During this period, it will only produce a quarter of its power. "We will limit ourselves to 250 kW / h. It would have been too expensive to make the necessary Uhant network investments for only a year. If we stay beyond a year, then we 'll see. »

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Source: Ouest France