International course on Marine Energy Technologies


The international course on Marine Energy Technologies in the Netherlands will take place this March.

At The Hague, Netherlands


The international course on Marine Energy Technologies in the Netherlands will start on March 16, 17 and 18 of 2016. The course focuses on the latest innovations taking place in tidal energy, wave energy, Salinity Gradient Power and OTEC. In this e-mail we inform you about the course curriculum. It is still possible to register for the course.

March 16: Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), The Hague

Overview of Dutch ocean energy activities - Ir. P.C. Scheijgrond, MET-support
Saliniety Gradient Power - David Vermaas, AquaBattery BV
Tidal Barrage systems - Ad van der Toorn, TU Delft
Tidal Stream Energy - Ir. P.C. Scheijgrond, MET-support
 - Davide Magagna, EC Joint Research Centre
Workshop: Comparing resources
Calculating and comparing energy yield from various resources (tidal stream, tidal head, wave, otec, salinity gradient) - Anton Schaap, Anton B. Schaap consultancy and Peter Scheijgrond

March 17: Bluewater, Hoofddorp

OTEC - Berendt-Jan Kleute, Bluerise/TU Delft
Wave Energy projects and theory - Kim Nielsen, Ramboll
Workshop: How to make a financiel business Case - Alex Raventos, Inn2Grid
EPIC Contract for floating/bottom founded energy devices - Jan Kenkhuis, Bluewater
Fish impacts of hydro tubines (incl. testresults from Pro-Tide) - Jacob van Berkel, Entry

March 18: Tidal Testing Centre, Den Oever

The Innovation cycle - Sjoerd Keijser, Tocardo
Visit Tidal turbines in Afsluitdijk
Dutch Policy & incentives (Topsectoren, Min.EZ) - Rianne Post (TBC)
Workshop: How does the SDE+works? - Sander Lensink, ECN
 - Sander van Hees, University of Utrecht
Storage systems and offgrid Centre - Tidal Testing Centre, speaker to be confirmed

For more information and registration, please visit our website. For questions related to the course or your subscribtion, please contact Erik de Bruine at

 Kind regards,

 Peter Scheijgrond (Course leader)
 Erik de Bruine (Curriculum manager PAO)