DTOcean to present at ISOPE 2016


"A Frequency-Depth Explicit Interaction Theory Formulation" to be presented at the Annual International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE)

At Rhodes, Greece

Scientists from the DTOcean consortium will be presenting the paper "A Frequency-Depth Explicit Interaction Theory Formulation" in Rhodes, Greece, at the annual event.

Pau Mercadé Ruiz, Francesco Ferri, Jens Peter Kofoed
Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University
Aalborg, Denmark


An alternative definition of the usual diffraction transfer matrix defined by Kagemoto and Yue (1986) has been developed. A method is thereby presented which enables the prediction of the diffraction transfer matrix
for any desired wave frequency and water depth. The method has been tested for the case of a truncated vertical cylinder and the predicted matrix coefficients have been shown to be in good agreement with the
analytical solution. Besides, post-processed quantities, such as the heave component of the excitation force, have been also considered for the comparison. The best results have been shown for the case of a
fixed water depth condition and predicting for different wave frequencies. Furthermore, the investigations have shown promising results when only accounting for travelling wave modes.

DTOcean consortium
DTOcean consortium