WindWEC: Combining Wind and Wave Energy Inspired by Hywind and Wavestar (5th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications)

To be presented in Birmingham, United Kingdom (20-23 November 2016): This article studies the feasibility of combining a spar-type offshore wind turbine (inspired by Hywind) and a wave energy converter (inspired by Wavestar) by performing numerical simulations in operational conditions.



The dynamic responses and power production of wind turbine and wave energy device are investigated for different power-take-off systems. Coupled/integrated aero-hydro-servo-elastic time domain dynamic simulations considering multi-bodies are applied in this paper. The results show that by choosing proper power-take-off system, it is possible to minimize the effect of wave energy convertor on the floating wind turbine and hence maintaining the power performance of the wind turbine while getting more power through wave energy device.

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