Report on environmental impacts of O&M



This report of a comprehensive description of the environmental impacts related to Operations & Maintenance (O&M). All marine operations related to inspection, maintenance and repair lead to environmental impacts due to vessel traffic, noise emissions, handling of mooring lines, anchors and cables etc.

This report identifies and describes the environmental impacts of O&M. There are multiple expected potential environmental impacts. However, issues related to footprint, collision risks, underwater noise, increase of turbidity and chemical pollution are considered as the most relevant. A description of all these environmental impacts are given.

This report also describes the different environmental functions specifically designed for DTOcean in order to quantify the potential impacts using the Environmental Impact Assessment Module (EIAM). This module is based on several scoring principles to generate numerical values that will be converted to environmental scores (EIS - Environmental Impact Score).

Finally, environmental impacts are discussed regarding the different maintenance strategies. An example and some recommendations are provided.