Mooring and Foundation Module Framework for DTOcean Tool



The Optimal Design Tools for Ocean Energy Arrays project (DTOcean) is developing a system-level tool to assess cost, reliability, and environmental impact for marine renewable energy (MRE) systems. The DTOcean Tool will integrate several modules covering key aspects of MRE systems (i.e., array layout, moorings and foundations, electrical infrastructure, logistics, in addition to operations and maintenance). This report outlines the proposed architecture and main functions of the DTOcean mooring and foundation design module and its interaction with other elements and modules of the Tool.

This document therefore presents the module framework which will be populated with algorithms and functions as the Tool is further developed. The module will comprise five sub-modules, in which calculations will be performed to determine and/or design the system and environmental loads, the electrical umbilical, mooring, and foundation systems as well as the foundation required for the electrical substation. Calculations performed in the sub-modules will be based on inputs provided by the user, other Tool modules, and data stored within the global Tool database. Criteria for determining design suitability will not be based solely on whether the specified components are suitable for keeping the device in position. The capital cost of each configuration will be estimated within the WP4 module, with reliability and environmental impact assessments also performed within the Tool. The framework of this module draws upon findings of previous DTOcean documents, in which applicable mooring and foundation technologies and methods for their analysis have been reported.