Evaluation according to costs, downtimes, etc. of different maintenance strategies



This report presents “Evaluation according to costs, downtimes, etc. of different maintenance strategies”. The document describes in chapter 1 detailed objective of this work and the methodology to achieve these objectives. In the second chapter the selection process for the components of a wave or tidal energy device to be considered to calculate the costs and downtimes during the life cycle is discussed. For each device type, which is in scope of the DTOcean optimisation tool, a list of proposed components is given with respect to maintenance cost estimation. The third chapter gives a definition of the required parameters for the detailed description of the maintenance costs. An indexing scheme for those parameters is proposed to allow their identification within the global data base. Chapter 4 describes the approach for the software implementation for the development of the maintenance cost estimation algorithm. A conclusion of the definitions made and the obtained results are given in chapter 5.