Report on logistical model for ocean energy and considerations



This report presents a comprehensive description of the logistic functions and associated logistical model forming the installation module developed within the frame of the global DTOcean tool. The overriding goal is to disclose the structure and content of the computational installation module.

This document covers the entire scope of the installation phase by describing logistic functions dedicated for all array sub-components of an ocean energy project. Nine logistic phases responsible for the characterization and evaluation of assembly, transportation and installation of devices/components/sub-systems are detailed.

Specialized literature surveys and discussions with offshore experts, along with close communications with other module and database developers of DTOcean, have led to the transcription of highly complex and project specific logistic operations into standardized and yet flexible numerical procedure for their analysis. Each logistic phase is first analysed in terms of feasibility with respect to the maritime infrastructure. The assessment of feasible logistic solutions advances towards the performance appraisal.

A coherent computational package envelopes these logistic functions to supply a standalone application for the DTOcean global tool. Deliverable 5.6 also addresses the description of the logistic model. The context, requirements, architecture and functional specifications are detailed.