Methodology report and logistic model flow charts



This deliverable includes the proposed logistic model architecture in terms of flow charts, including data flows within the model and with other WPs and external databases and tools.

For this purpose, a detailed analysis of existing external databases and tools was performed. Also interviews with project developers of wave and tidal arrays (the end-users of the tool) as well as marine contractors and wave and tidal technology developers were carried out to define the scope of the tool and validate the proposed approach.

Firstly, the suitability to integrate existing tools and databases into the ocean energy logistic model is assessed. Given a review of the most relevant offshore logistics tools and maritime infrastructure databases available, a conclusion is made on how the lifecycle logistics model under DTOcean can benefit from previous work.

Secondly, the type of inputs and outputs that will be flowing through the logistic model and the interactions with other modules is detailed. In the end, the flows of information circulate into logistic functions allowing the user to assess logistic operations time, costs, reliability and environmental impacts.